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Art Departments

Visual Art: The elements of art are the foundation for the first level of Visual Art classes. As students progress through our art sequence, they will learn to combine the elements learned in the foundational course with the principles of design into more challenging projects.

Manga/Anime: This course delves into the rich history, unique artistry, and captivating storytelling that defines the vibrant world of Japanese manga and anime. Students will explore the cultural impact of manga and anime, examining their evolution from traditional roots to global phenomena. Through engaging discussions and hands-on activities, students will analyze iconic works, understand diverse genres, and develop a critical appreciation for the artistic techniques employed by manga and anime creators. From classical masterpieces to contemporary trends, students will gain insights into the industry’s influence on global pop culture.

Cosmetology: This course provides students an opportunity to ignite their passion for the art and science of personal care. This hands-on elective provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the exciting field of cosmetology. Throughout the course students will explore fundamental principles of hair care, skincare, and nail care. The curriculum includes practical, real-world experiences such as salon simulations, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a professional setting.