Career and Technical Education

Health Occupations

Our CTE Curriculum provides a pathway for students to transition from high school to post secondary opportunities in health careers. Students will engage in hands-on experience by providing patients with health care needs in various medical settings through clinical internship programs. Students can also take college level courses that prepare them to enroll in a Nursing program after graduating high school. These college level courses are designed to fill prerequisite requirements.


Foundations for Health Core is a course that exposes students to different aspects of the healthcare environment and community. It is a foundational class that leads into the Nursing Major.  The curriculum includes six courses and a clinical component.

Our Healthcare Lab

CTE Program

Computer Science in Python

Computer Science is an introductory Python Programming course that introduces students to foundational computer science concepts. Students learn to design and evaluate solutions and apply computer science to solve problems by developing algorithms and programs. They incorporate abstraction into programs and use data to discover new knowledge.

College Now SD 10 Introduction to College Plan, College Now SD 11 Career and Life Planning, and College Now SD 12 Strategies for for College Success

These three courses combine into a one semester course designed to provide high school students who are participating in the College Now program a smooth transition from high school to college and the "real" world. These courses help students realistically assess options upon graduating from high school, learn how to plan and use their college experiences to prepare for future work, and help students recognize the typical problems encountered in college and the strategies to overcome challenges. Topics include applying and adjusting to college, study habits, time management, financial planning, career exploration , decision making, and self-assessment.